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Bastianello Music by John Musto
Libretto by Mark Campbell

This modern retelling of an Italian folktale tickles the funny bone and warms the heart. After a wedding debacle, a young husband sets out to find people who are greater fools than his own family. What he finds surprises both him and us.


The Wedding
Young Man - Jonas Hacker
Bastianello the Elder, father of the bride - Shea Owens
Ortensia, mother of the groom - Summer Hassan
Luciano, the groom - Richard Ollarsaba
Amadora, the bride - Zoie Reams

A Farmhouse
Frediano - Shea Owens
Ettalina, his wife - Summer Hassan

The Gate of a Village
Eustacia, a bride - Summer Hassan
Stelladora, mother of the bride - Zoie Reams
Lambent, a horse - Jonas Hacker
Ippolito, the horse owner - Shea Owens

A Lake
Lino, a fisherman - Shea Owens

*Studio Artist

CREATIVE TEAM Conductor - Lidiya Yankovskaya
Director - R.B. Schlather
Scenic & Costume Designer - Blake Palmer
Lighting Designer - Robert H. Grimes
Wig & Makeup Designer - Anne Nesmith

PRODUCTION staff Musical Preparation – David Hanlon, Joseph Li, K. Annie Brooks

Assistant Director – TBD
Production Stage Manager – Michael Janney
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Johnson
Supertitle Coordinator – Lindsay Woodward

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