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This Wolf Trap Opera premiere and new production was presented at The Barns at Wolf Trap in August 2017. Special thanks to Dan and Gayle D’Aniello, 2017 Wolf Trap Opera Season Underwriters, and Ed and Andy Smith, 2017 Performance Sponsors.
BASTIANELLO Music by John Musto
Libretto by Mark Campbell

This modern retelling of an Italian folktale tickles the funny bone and warms the heart. After a wedding debacle, a young husband sets out to find people who are greater fools than his own family. What he finds surprises both him and us.

Artist Bios 
Finding Opera in Folktales by Mark Campbell, librettist

CAST in order of vocal appearance

The Wedding
Young Man (Bastianello the Younger)  - Jonas Hacker
Bastianello, father of the bride - Shea Owens
Ortensia, mother of the groom - Summer Hassan
Luciano, the groom - Richard Ollarsaba
Amadora, the bride - Zoie Reams

A Farmhouse
Frediano - Shea Owens
Ettalina, his wife - Summer Hassan

The Gate of a Village
Stelladora, mother of the bride - Zoie Reams
Lambent, a horse - Jonas Hacker
Ippolito, the horse owner - Shea Owens
Eustacia, a bride - Summer Hassan

A Lake
Lino, a fisherman - Shea Owens

CREATIVE TEAM Conductor - Lidiya Yankovskaya
Director - R.B. Schlather
Scenic & Costume Designer - Blake Palmer
Lighting Designer - Robert H. Grimes
Wig & Makeup Designer - Anne Nesmith
Chorusmaster – Joseph Li

PRODUCTION staff Musical Preparation – David Hanlon, Joseph Li, K. Annie Brooks

Assistant Director – Marcus Shields
Production Stage Manager – Michael Janney
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Johnson
Supertitle Coordinator – Lindsay Woodward

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